Here is a list of best free online SQLite viewer websites. SQLite is a C language library that contains SQL database engine. On the other hand, an SQLite file contains a database created using SQLite. Usually, people use large and complex SQLite viewer software and apps to view SQLite file data. Most of the time, users just need to take a quick look at SQLite files data, which becomes quite inefficient with bulky SQLite software and apps. To resolve this issue, users can try these online SQLite viewer websites.

These websites allow users to load one SQLite file at a time and look up their data. To filter out data from the database, some websites also let users run SQL commands. Besides this, search tools to look for a specific record by its name is also present. On some of these websites, users also get editing tools through which users can edit the existing records if they want. After viewing and editing the data, users can save the SQLite file data in the form of CSV file format. The process to load up and view SQLite file data is quite simple on all these viewers. Go through the list to know more about these websites.

My Favorite Online SQLite Viewer Website: is my favorite website as it allows users to view as well as edit SQLite file data. Plus, it also lets users export the SQLite file tables.

You can also check out lists of best free online Online EML ViewerOnline NEF Viewer, and Online 3D Viewer websites. is a free open-source online SQLite viewer website. On this website, users cannot only view SQLite file data but also edit its data with ease. It also gives users an option to individually view the data of one table at a time. Plus, options to export individual tables in CSV file format are also present. Now, check out the main features of this website.

Main Features:

  • Table View: This website lets users select and view all the data of one individual table at a time.
  • Table Menu: It shows all the tables of a database in one place. By clicking on a table name, users can view all its data.
  • Structure: It shows the structure of each table in the form of the background code.
  • Editing: This website allows users to select and edit any value of the database as users want. Plus, tools to remove columns and rows are also provided by it.
  • 导入和导出:导入功能允许用户导入CSV文件以将其他数据添加到现有表中。另一方面,导出功能允许用户以 CSV 文件的形式导出整行。


它是最好的免费在线 SQLite 查看器网站之一,提供查看和编辑 SQLite 数据库文件的所有工具。

inloop.github.io是一个免费的在线 SQLite 查看器网站。它也是一个开源网站。使用该网站,用户可以读取 SQLite 数据库文件中存在的所有数据。它还允许用户运行查询来查找数据库中存在的一组特定数据。另外,可以从字段菜单访问多个表,艺术家、专辑、流派、发票等。现在,查看该网站的主要功能。


  • 拖放文件查看数据:用户只需在该网站界面上拖放一个有效的 SQLite 文件即可查看所有表和数据。
  • 查询栏:该网站还允许用户运行 SQL 查询来查找一组特定的数据。
  • 表菜单:使用它来查看和访问 SQLite 文件附带的表中存在的数据。
  • 多页:如果表格有太多行,则该网站会自动将其分为多页。


它是一个简单有效的在线 SQLite 查看器软件,用户可以在其中查看小型和大型 SQLite 文件。

sqliteviewer.app是另一个免费的在线 SQLite 查看器网站。该网站提供了一个基于 Web 的 SQLite 浏览器,用户可以在其中查看 SQLite 和 Airtable 数据库。另外,它在一个位置显示所有数据库表,用户可以快速访问。它还提供搜索工具,可以按名称搜索表和列。总体而言,它提供了良好的 SQLite 数据库查看体验。现在,请按照以下步骤操作。


  • SQLite Viewer:该网站提供了一个简单有效的 SQLite 查看器,用户可以在其中查看大型 SQLite 数据库。
  • 表、列和记录:用户可以使用表、列和记录搜索工具轻松查找任何数据。
  • 表格:该网站还提供了专门的表格部分,允许用户展开和折叠表格记录。
  • 固定:这是另一个有用的功能,可以让用户固定重要的列。


  • 示例数据库:还提供了一个示例数据库,用于在加载数据库之前测试其功能。


它是另一个设计精美的在线 SQLite 查看器网站,允许用户访问和查看 SQLite 文件中存在的所有表和记录。 is another free online SQLite viewer website. On this website, users can load up to 15 MB of SQLite database files. After loading an SQLite file, users can view all its tables and records stored on each table. On this website, users can also run traditional SQL queries to look for a specific set of data. Now, take a look at the main features of this website.

Main Features:

  • Drop and Open File: To view an SQLite file data users just need to drop it on the main interface of this website.
  • Table View: Use this menu to view the names of all tables present on an SQLite file. By selecting a table name, users can also view all the data and records carried by a table.
  • SQL Commands: Users can also write custom commands in the command field to look for certain records and values.

Additional Feature:

  • Open File from Google Drive: This feature allows users to fetch SQLite files stored on the Google Drive service.

Final Thoughts:

It is another good online SQLite viewer website that offers all the essential tools to view and search essential records present in an SQLite file. is the last free online SQLite viewer website. This website offers a cross-platform SQLite viewer in which users can easily load and view data of SQLite files. It also lets users run SQL queries to filter out results. Plus, a section to show all the tables of an SQLite file is also present. Now, check out the main features of this website.

Main Features:

  • Load and Go: Users just need to load an SQLite file to immediately view all its data.
  • Tables: This section holds the names of all the tables present in the file. By selecting a table name, users can view its fields and records.
  • Enter Query: In this section, users can enter custom queries to filter out the right set of results.
  • Export: After viewing all the data, users can export it in CSV file format.

Additional Features:

  • This website also comes with additional online tools like Java Compiler, Jar File Opener, Jar Decompiler, AAR Decompiler, Adb Commands, and more.

Final Thoughts:

It is another capable online SQLite viewer website that anyone can use without much hassle to view SQLite data.


Published Date: 8 Sep, 2022
Modified Date: 8 Sep, 2022


Naveen Kushwaha